Saturday, March 11, 2006

Food Wars: Battle #1 Decore Pocky (Winter 06)

The Contenders:

Decore White Chocolate vs. Decore Strawberry Peach vs. Decore Mont Blanc.

My first Decore Pocky (Strawberry Shortcake Flavor) was the first Pocky that I really thought tasted any good. Since then I have tried many varieties, and I was excited about the Winter 06 collection: White Chocolate, Strawberry Peach, and (something called) Mont Blanc. You can see the Decore Commercials HERE. Each box contains four packets of 3 Pocky sticks each. I ate all three, and here are my thoughts.

#1. White Chocolate.

I'm a BIG fan of white chocolate. I love the stuff. I was not impressed by this Pocky. I didn't get any "white chocolate" taste out of it, instead I found myself paying attention to the odd sort of oily texture of this Pocky. Not good. 2 out of 5.

#2. Strawberry Peach.

This was yummy. I definately could taste both flavors, and this one lacked the strange texture of the White Chocolate Decore. The colors of this Pocky was really pretty too, layers of pink! 4 out of 5.

#3. Mont Blanc.

After some research as to what "Mont Blanc" was (it's a chocolate and chestnut flavored French Pastry dessert) I realized what this *incredibly* delicious flavor combination was. It's like having a milkier version of Nutella on a Pocky stick. Can I say "Oishii"? 4 1/2 out of 5.

The Winner:

Mont Blanc. Hands down. I do love strawberry flavors, but the chocolate/chestnut flavor combination just couldn't be beat.

Keep and eye out for it at your Asian Marts folks. :)

(I hope my first attempt at a food review wasn't too painful! :P )

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Anonymous said...

I haven't tasted those three yet. Have you tasted Pocky Green Tea Mousse?