Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Thank you to Fuzika and Ai-chan

First art post! Whoo!

This is a piece of gift art for Fuzika san and her cat Ai-chan. Fuzika is a retired geisha who recently published a beautiful biography of her Kyoto geisha years. I was able to aquire a copy through a generous friend, who wrote her and ordered copies for all who were interested. Fuzika-san was so flattered that a bunch of foreigners were interested in her book (even though we couldn't read a word of it, it's all Taiwanese) that she sold us each a copy at 1/2 price! Wow!

So in thanks, we all decided we'd dress in our kimono and have our photos taken with her book. I was nervous right off, because my kitsuke (kimono dressing) is not so good and the thought of a geisha witnessing my bad kitsuke is just so embarassing! So I decided to draw her gift art instead. I am going to try the photo too, but it's good to cover all my bases. ;)

I hope she likes it! ^____^

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